Mercy Neighborhood Ministries
Our mission flows from the deep belief that when people are empowered, they can achieve great things.
In the Cincinnati neighborhoods of Walnut Hills and East Walnut Hills,
  • an 86-year-old woman learns steps to manage her diabetes,
  • a former high school dropout succeeds with computer job training,
  • a single mother escapes from welfare to steady employment,
  • and countless seniors find help with their life concerns.
These and hundreds of other people are taking charge of their own lives through the services offered by Mercy Neighborhood Ministries, a multi-purpose human services agency, sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy.

We are pleased that you chose to visit our Website. We hope that as you walk through you will be inspired by the activities we undertake and the faces of the people we serve.

  October 23, 2016

Purcell Marian High School

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